The following individuals have given their consent to share their story.  In fact, they are proud to do so and have become my biggest cheerleaders!  Thank you all for your desire and determination, motivation for change, positive expectations, belief in yourself and trust in me!  It gives me great pleasure to be part of your SUCCESS story.

It’s never too late to be who you might have been  – George Elliot

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Hi Eugenia!

A big congrats to you on your splendid teleseminar call tonight. You sounded relaxed like an old hand at this! I’ve done hypnosis with therapists, including deep hypnosis for ninety minutes at a time. I’ve also done past life regression under hypnosis which lasted several hours (read: “boring”). As soon as I sat down listening to your voice my shoulders slumped, and I figured that I should just continue to sit. I felt very relaxed, and that isn’t easy with a phone in one’s hand. It was easy for me to get into a relaxed state of mind for the hypnosis because you made it seem “safe” (a compliment).  I am much more willing to listen when the presentation is done in a relaxed, open and quietly friendly manner.  I know that the aftereffects can show up the next day or thereabouts, so let me just say that after a tumultuous day, I feel quite relaxed and happy- pretty good for 20 minutes, eh?  Thank you again,

Roxane Williams

Los Angeles, CA 

Well, I had a drink last night-went through my morning routine-coffee, the paper-hair and makeup, no cravings and no slip-ups!  You are good Eugenia!  Thank-you, I feel good about quitting this time.

Anita Lang

Long Island, NY

….My new motto is get it done, do it now, just do it…

Dino Aungpe

Long Island, NY

My experience with Hypnosis was very relaxing for the Body & Mind.  This exercise helped me to think Positive instead of Negative.  It helped me break bad and unhealthy habits.  It puts you in a state of mind where you can accomplish your goals and regular routines in a proper and organized way instead of thinking about the overwhelming tasks.  You can accomplish all tasks by taking one step at a time!

Stepron Harridass

Long Island, NY


Eugenia helps me tremendously with my issues.  During the session she helps me get totally relaxed and then energizes and motivates me with her words.  Each time I come into a session with an issue I leave with much more confidence and purpose.  I have seen the benefits of her hypnotherapy sessions and know it does work!

Kelly Clough,

Long Island, NY

Eugenia Thank you.  The experience I had with the hypnotherapy was fantastic.  You made me comfortable and relaxed.  After leaving you I felt like I could take on the world.   My confidence level went up tenfold.  I am looking forward to my next session with you.  Thank you again.  Not once did I cluck like a chicken!

Frank Fontana

Long Island, NY

Hi Eugenia,

I just wanted to say that I feel like a nonsmoker and not only that but I have felt so good about myself as well.  I listened to the recording last night again and this morning early in the morning and this evening.  I am so surprised how great it makes me feel.  I have told others about it and people at work say that I even seem more upbeat and happier for some reason.  I find it really amazing.  People asked me what else you do it for and I told them you do it for a lot of things and showed them your card.  I will continue to listen to this every night since they want to see how it works for me.  Hopefully I can get you some referrals.  Thank You.


Brian  Cangero

Long Island, NY

Sammi is much better after you worked with her!  I have been telling others about your services!  She is not as stressed and killed a bug the day after she worked with you!

Thank you for all your extra time and careful consideration!


Long Island, NY

Thanks Eugenia!! You know it is almost 3 months of no smoking and no desire for one!!!  I am a new person and healthier because of you- now I have to make an appt for my father and for me for public speaking =0)  so in case I haven’t told you “THANK YOU”.

Terri P.

Long Island, NY


When I come out of a trance, I feel as though I have just had a full-body massage…I am so relaxed!

Helen Zagaro

Long Island, NY


Good news, I have been listening to tape and have lost weight. I can actually fit into things I could not last year. I really sing your praises, and while out to lunch with my boss, we discussed how my eating habits have changed (for the better). I don’t eat the bread basket and save half my lunch – just think after only one session.

Stacey Somer

Long Island, NY

Eugenia, “PB” (Poster Boy) checking in. Thought I would give you the official results as of 6 months.  No desserts, No bagels, Not desiring them either!!  I do exercise; I drink more water!!!  Woohoo!!  The 6 month final release is 59lbs and still the journey continues. I also still listen to my sessions. Very rewarding!!!!

Corey Milman

Long Island, NY


June 8th Newsday article:
Corey Milman, a 59-year-old sales representative from East Meadow, underwent hypnosis six months ago, which he believes helped him to lose 61 pounds. …


You Tube interview with Corey Milman And Eugenia Karahalias:
Part I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_cQQEEtj3Q

Part II http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQtxQleTz4Y


Everyone needs to do a Double Whammy Monday….Stopped Smoking, feel great. ‘Jeanne’ N Renee were fabulous. Best thing I did for myself. Eugenia is wonderful and just what u need to get rid of stress and ANY kind of addiction!! Love u girl….

Elaine Gregory DeBiasio

Long Island, NY


  I couldn’t have stopped without you ‘Jeanne’…. I am sooooooooo reeeeeelllllaaaaaaxxxxeeeeddddd.  ‘Jeanne’, thanks for helping me get rid of those damn cigarettes… I am telling everyone that I am a non smoker so if they ever see me with a cigarette they will give me hell….but I know that will never happen. So…off to drink some more water, and I gave 2 of your cards to my co workers. Thanks again.

Paul N Dapontes

Long Island, NY

My recent appearance on an MTV “True Life” episode featuring Christopher Allen Trentacoste:

MTV’s “True Life” on Christopher Allan Trentacoste aired Monday Dec. 13, 2010.  I am featured in the segment where the young medium struggling to deal with being surrounded by constant grief and mourning seeks help from a mental health professional.

You can see how Christopher received the help he needed to continue the work he loves to do.

Thank you so much for the help.

Christopher Allen Trentacoste

Long Island, NY

You are the best, gf… I listen to your soothing voice often! Thanks for the encouragement and support.

In the last two days I made 8 phone calls and with that secured 3 big appointments with a huge dental practice in the city, a renowned Pediatrician that specializes in Autism AND an incredible nutritionist/dietitian in Huntington! I am sooooo psyched.

Love ya! You have given me strength!

Lynn M.

Long Island, NY

Food is just not a priority in my life anymore. Thank You!

Jayne K.

Long Island, NY


Fantastic.  That’s the only word the expresses the changes that have occurred since my first visit with you for hypnosis, only 9 weeks ago.  I have lost 17 pounds and most amazingly, it has been very easy.  My eating habits have

completely changed.  No longer am I thinking about food all the time.  I no longer eat everything in sight and then look for more.  I go to a restaurant and  I don’t even think about eating a piece of bread or dessert.  I have even

taken home doggie bags from restaurants for the first time in my life.

Besides losing the weight, my blood sugar has dropped so much that my doctor has discontinued 3 of the daily pills I had been taking for diabetes. The best part of all is that it really has been easy.  I don’t know what you did to my

head but eating healthy has become natural to me instead of the constant battle I had been fighting for most of my life.  I have recommended you to several of my friends an I will continue to do so.

Best regards,

Stu Davis

Long Island, NY


I have known Eugenia for a few years now, and she is a true professional in every sense of the word.

I have NOT had a Cigarette in over a year now (13 months) through Hypnosis. She took her time with me and helped me relax. Her soothing voice and warm working environment help me to relax and absorb what she was telling me. She gave me a CD with our session recorded.
I listened to that CD day after day to help me stay smoke free. At first I really didn’t think I was put under Hypnosis and it wasn’t working for me, but it wasn’t until I got home and played that recording of our session. As I was listening to her soothing voice and powerful words, I hear in the background, Me Snoring, yet I remember every word that came out of her mouth…
…I thank you Eugenia for helping me help myself…..AB

Long Island, NY

I just got a call from Stu Davis (July 13, 2011) and he is easily maintaining his 35# weight 


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